Harmonic Solutions Marine provides harmonics, power quality and EMC audits, site investigations and marine classification society compliance testing, including measurements to satisfy the requirements of IACS (UR E24) for vessel with electric propulsion.

If it is necessary to investigate harmonic, power quality or EMC (common mode voltage) problems or to check classification society compliance, Harmonic Solutions Marine can provide experienced personnel with state of the art measurement equipment. On completion of any investigation, sea trails or power quality audit, a comprehensive report is issued to the client.

Harmonics Solutions Marine can also provide a range of consulting services covering harmonics, power quality and certain aspects of EMC.

If required, the most appropriate type of harmonic or power quality mitigation can be offered on the basis of the report findings. Please contact us for further information or a quotation for your site investigation or audit.

For offshore applications or onshore oilfield sectors please contact Harmonic Solutions Oil & Gas who are specialists in drilling and offshore and onshore oilfield installations.