What is the solution if you believe you have a harmonics and power quality problems ?

Simply contact Harmonic Solutions Marine, who can carry out comprehensive harmonics and power quality (including certain aspects of EMC where appropriate) using advanced instrumentation to diagnose any problems.

For new projects, Harmonic Solutions Marine can liaise with consultants, contractors and owners as to the selection of the correct type of mitigation for the specific installation and can carry power system harmonic simulations if required.  Harmonic Solutions Marine can also carry out harmonic compliance testing of the vessel during sea trials or at any time.

Inspection of the installation to confirm, for example, the correct installation of variable frequency drives (VFDs) from an EMC perspective, can also be provided.

Harmonic Solutions Marine has at its disposal a range of the most advanced passive and active harmonic mitigation products from leading manufacturers and the ability to apply them correctly thus offering your company the most technically appropriate and most cost effective solution to resolve your harmonics and/or power quality problem.

For full information on harmonic mitigation please refer to the ‘Mitigation Products’ section on this website.