Ergun Elektrik, based in Izmir, was established in 1980 in Izmir, Turkey and and is a market leader in the manufacture of low and medium voltage electrical panels.

During the last 15 years, the company has extended its operations and its geographical area by serving high-tech solutions for harmonic distortion and energy quality.

Continuous development in its product range and producing the highest quality solutions with its vast knowledge and experience has made Ergun Elektrik one of Turkey’s leading reactor and capacitor banks producers supplying customers all around Turkey and surrounding countries

Ergun Elektrik is the only company in Turkey which is able to manufacture both capacitor banks and harmonic filter reactors.

In 2004, the company has assured its system of quality by KAS Organization to EN ISO 9001: 2000 and it successfully continue to provide the best engineering services to its clients.

Selected Ergun Elektrik products include :

AC line reactors

AC line reactors for AC VFD and DC SCR drives up to 3000A, 400-690V, 50Hz or 60Hz.  These devices protect the drive front end rectifiers from mains borne disturbances and also reduce the harmonic current drawn by the drives.  The installation of these reactors is crucial if active harmonic are to be used for harmonic mitigation, especially with AC VFDs.

A standard range of AC line reactors is available on short deliveries.

For information on AC line reactors for AC VFD and DC SCR drives click here – AC line reactors

Dynamic braking resistors

For AC VFD and DC drive applications such as cranes, test rigs, offshore draw-works systems, etc. which have overhauling loads the use of dynamic braking resistors are highly recommended.  The motor/load excess kinetic energy is dissipated across the resistor banks to maintain control when overhauling and to prevent drive tripping.

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