Welcome to Harmonic Solutions Marine, a division of Sentinel Power Quality, a company who specialise in the provision of site services and mitigation products pertaining to harmonics and other associated power quality solutions.

Harmonic Solutions Marine have global experience in the field of harmonics and power quality across the marine industry.

Our objective…

The primary objective of this website is to provide specific information on high quality ‘state of the art’ passive and active harmonic mitigation and other power quality solutions for marine applications. Information is also provided on marine harmonic and power quality (including certain aspects of EMC) site surveys and investigations. Correct diagnosis of harmonics, power quality and EMC issues are important components in the provision of equitable and cost effective solutions.

Education is the key to understanding harmonics and related power quality issues. Therefore this website permits the downloading of technical information in the subject areas pertaining to harmonics and associated power quality issues including EMC (common mode voltage), whether through dedicated site information, the provision of editorials and interesting technical papers or via links to other companies and organisations.

For parties interested in oilfield harmonics and power quality services and mitigation please click here for Harmonic Solutions (Oil & Gas).